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Why do we paint crosswalks?

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

If you’ve ever been in the downtown Fairmont area for long, you will have noticed that the easiest way to get around is to park somewhere and then walk a block or two to your final destination. Crossing the street is inevitable, but at times it can be hazardous. Studies prove that adding colorful art to the street will cause traffic to slow and create a safer environment for pedestrians in high traffic areas. This is a vital reason why Main Street Fairmont has decided to bring back the crosswalk project! Not only is it an added safety feature for all of the walkers out there, it is also a way for the community members to become more active within their communities and leave their mark on the town we all love.

One study shows that communities who have installed pavement art have seen a 50% drop in accidents involving pedestrians as well as a 17% reduction in accidents overall (1). Michael Flynn, the National Director for Transportation Planning explains, “Traffic engineering is a social science. You’re changing driver expectations. Things that constrain their field of vision and physically constrain the roadways causes drivers to recognize that they’re entering an area where they might encounter pedestrians.”

A similar study was conducted in Kansas City after an entire intersection was painted. Pedestrians who reported feeling “very safe” at the intersection drastically increased from 23% to 63% (2)! If Fairmont can help make community members feel more safe downtown, that in turn will bring more business and foot traffic furthering the economic development of local businesses.

While crosswalk painting may not be permanent, the comparatively low cost of painting a crosswalk is far outweighed by the benefits this temporary improvement provides. If you would like to be a part of this amazing project, sign up today on our website by clicking HERE. Many hands make for light work, especially when it’s as fun and meaningful as making your city more beautiful and safe for everyone.

If you would like to read more about the importance of painting crosswalks, click below to read the scientific surveys mentioned above.

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