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2022 Impact

$161,860 in Direct Financial Impact 

  • $70,000 in improvements to seven downtown businesses because of the Main Street Fairmont Matching Façade Grant Program 

  • $53,000 in Fundraising, excluding any City of Fairmont donations used to fund programs impacting our historic downtown

  • $14,500 in pass-through funding from granting agencies to Palatine Park, The Three Rivers Festival, and Marion Regional Development Authority

  • $12,000 in technical assistance funding for architectural and other support services

  • $12,360 in Volunteer hours (618 hours x $20) 

New Downtown Business and Prospecting 

  • Two additional new businesses added to downtown

    • Social Bee Marketing Agency, a former incubator business in the Main Street Office​

    • Loving WV, purchased 219 Monroe Street from Main Street Fairmont 

  • Introduced 3 new businesses interested in downtown locations to property owners​

  • Conducted one reuse study with a business owner interested in purchasing a downtown building 

Downtown Improvements 

  • Partnered with the City to install 60 new hanging baskets throughout downtown 

  • Completed 3 clean-up days 

  • Painted four crosswalks 

  • Partnered with others to fund the purchase of the Fairmont Christmas Tree

Tourism and Marketing Exposure 

  • 1.9M impressions on social media, a 58% increase over the last year 

  • 23,430 emails sent to our marketing list 

  • 7,500 visitors to our events including Community-Wide Garage Sale, 5 Hometown Markets, Antique Car Show, Tomato Festival, and a 3-day Holiday Celebration 

  • 82 small business vendors took part in at least one of our events 

  • 63 thirty-second commercials highlighting events and numerous tv and newspapers interviews 

  • 12 press releases to local media 

  • 6 non-profit agencies used our events for community exposure 

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