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Main Street Fairmont Expands Capacity

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

Staff added to expand services to our local businesses

Fairmont, WV - Main Street Fairmont is pleased to announce the addition of Shelby Dillon to our team. As the Program Manager for Main Street Fairmont, Dillon will be responsible for the coordination of events, volunteer recruitment and organization, as well as day-to-day operation of the office. “I’m very much looking forward to helping this beautiful town and the people that call it home,” Dillon stated. “Fairmont has become my home and I can’t wait to see how we can improve it.” Shelby is experienced in program management through MCPARC’s Fairmont Community Garden Program and has received her ACDS certification in early childhood education. She has a passion for plants and was instrumental in bringing the Tomato Festival to Downtown Fairmont this year as a result of her involvement with the Marion County Master Gardeners. “The addition of a full-time Program Manager to Main Street Fairmont is essential if the program is to continue to grow and provide expanded services to our community,” said Dan Swiger, Executive Director. “Shelby’s outstanding organizational and interpersonal skills have already expanded our programming to include new partners and activities.” he continued. About Main Street Fairmont: Main Street Fairmont is a non-profit organization with one goal, to lead our community to create a more prosperous, active, and beautiful downtown. Visit us on the web at

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1 commentaire

28 déc. 2022

an interesting website of interest to Fairmont Main Street

Garden Tower Project .com

. . . am suggesting to management at Eastview Apts

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