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Business Spotlight: Adams Office Supply

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

A bank president's home raised to set atop the newly constructed bank, Christmas carols on

the street sung in polish, polka dancing on the showroom floor, or a hidden 10-foot bank vault used to hide a typewriter repairman's children's Christmas presents. These are not stories you could hear from a big-box office supply store. They are memories that Adams Office Supply owner Eddie Snider and his "family" of employees will share with a smile.

Founded in 1932 and "always located on Adams Street," Adams office supply has been located in the historic First National Bank Building, constructed in 1914, since 1970. When plans were drawn for the First National Bank, there was one unusual twist. The bank president's home sat on the location that was to be the new bank. Not wanting to destroy his home, the bank president decided that the house would be lifted and set it atop the bank building. While not used as a residence for years, features such as skylights and ornate woodwork that once adorned the bank president's residence still exist today.

A smiling and knowledgeable staff, many of whom have been there for decades, greet customers entering this historic building. If they don't have something you need, they will get it and frequently deliver it to you the next day. Whether shopping for office furniture, gifts, greeting cards, or everyday office supplies, one thing they always provide is exceptional service.

"Adams is a fantastic company. When my company came to Fairmont, they supplied us with all of our furniture and now continue to help us with all of our office supply needs."

When asked why customers stay with Adams Office supply rather than visiting a chain store or shopping online, Eddie replied, "I think number one, we're going to get the job done correctly." We're going to make sure that if there's something damaged in a shipment, we take care of it. When they buy furniture from us, our customers know that 95% of the time, we will deliver it for free and assemble it on site. I tell people that we can sell it to you just like the box stores in a box, and you can sit down, take a weekend, and assemble the furniture if you want. Either way, our customers will save a huge shipping fee.

"This is a great locally owned business that goes above and beyond to ensure their customers are satisfied and happy."

Over the years, the store has adapted; 20 years ago, you needed a closet filled with 20,000 pounds of paper and 15 boxes of staples. That model doesn't work today. Advances in delivery systems allow orders made today are available the next day. Often orders that are placed one day arrive at Adams' loading dock by 4 AM the following day. Customers can stop by the store to pick up their items or choose free delivery for larger items. Adams delivery team delivers to Fairmont every day of the week and deliver to Morgantown, Clarksburg, Bridgeport, and Waynesburg, PA regularly.

Adams Office Supply can offer that single desk for a home office or outfit entire office suites. Business and corporate clients can take advantage of Adams' experienced design team. The designer team will spec furniture according to the business's needs, then put together to 3d drawings to display the final product before a piece of furniture is ordered.

In the 90's when the internet exploded and big box stores entered the market, many mom-and-pop hardware stores, repair shops, and individually owned businesses closed. While Adams Office Supply may never see the heydays of the 80's when the store employed dozens of people, they're still standing after more than 80 years on Adams Street.

"One of the reasons we've been able to stay in business for over 80 years is our service. Folks know that we're going to get the job done right. If something is wrong – we make it right."

The store's regular customer base, restaurants, automobile dealerships, small repair shops, and professional services offices like doctors and lawyers have all felt the effect of business downfalls due to COVID-19. As they have for almost 90 years, Adams Office Supply has adapted to the changing times. With over 6,000 square feet of used furniture in stock, Adams' delivery teams delivered to the entire tri-state area, outfitting new home offices for remote workers. Frequent calls from a husband and wife both trying to work at the dining room table were commonplace. Whether the space was small or large, Eddie and his delivery team personally outfitted many homes throughout the area, and in a small way, they may have saved a marriage or two!

Adams Office Supply is also online. Customers can browse their entire line of more than 40,000 items from anywhere and place their order with a click of the mouse. The personal service provided by Adams Office supply continues on its online store. Rather than paying catalog price, their online system sends an email directly to the store where their experienced staff will search for the best price available. Once they're comfortable that they have provided the best price for their customers, the team will personally respond to the customer with their final price, which is always lower than the catalog prices.

"Whether purchasing online or from the print catalog, Adams Office Supply customers know one thing for sure. They're never going to pay catalog prices."

Whether you need a single box of staples, a gift or greeting card, or furniture for an entire office, shop local and stop by Adams Office Supply. You'll be glad you did, and ask them about the polka dancing.

Adams Office Supply

210 Adams Street, Fairmont


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