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Business Spotlight: Simple Cutz

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

Located in the historic Marietta Hotel Annex constructed in 1897, Revel Williams and his crew of talented barbers have created a modern barbershop with a definite urban vibe, perfect for anyone wanting a quality haircut with an edge. From the antique barber pole to the vibrant mural on the wall, Simple Cutz creates a comfortable atmosphere for clients from four to forty. While appealing to a broad audience,

"Simple Cutz is definitely not your dad's barbershop."

Before 2013, Revel worked exclusively in the Morgantown Market. Over the years, he began providing haircuts for a number of clients from Fairmont. In the early 2000s, Revel started visiting the Fairmont area and noticed there wasn't a barbershop in the area focusing on the younger generation. After searching for the perfect location, he opened Simple Cutz to serve the clients who were traveling to Morgantown and the younger clientele that might not find a similar barbershop in the area. Almost ten years later, some of the same clients that visited the shop in 2013 are coming back today.

"We run the gamut when it comes to clients. From young college students going out for their first job interview to established professionals like judges, lawyers, doctors, clients in the service industry, athletes. The one thing that is similar in our clients, they're all looking for a laid-back atmosphere and a great haircut."

Simple Cutz is an upscale barbershop, and clippers aren't the only tool in our arsenal. Revel Williams, Simple Cutz owner, stated that "Hair color, male hair weaves, beard trimming, and styling are just some of the services offered in the shop. We're open to trying new things if we know that we do them well." The last thing I want is for someone to go out of my shop dissatisfied. At Simple Cutz, our main priority is satisfying customers. Our goal is to improve our customers' appearance. If they leave my shop, they have to look better than when they came in. That's a big deal for us."

"We're open to trying new things if we know that we do them well. The last thing I want is for someone to go out of my shop dissatisfied. At Simple Cutz, our main priority is satisfying customers. That's pretty square up."

Revel and Simple Cutz always want the customer to look better after they leave the shop. The products that the barbers use play a big part in the final look. Knowing this, Simple Cutz has developed its own line of products to finish off the great cut from the barber. About four or five years ago, Simple Cutz developed beard oil to help groom facial hair when it began growing in popularity. Since then, their line of products has expanded to include hair pomade, styling clay, and other grooming products for the modern man.

"I feel more confident when I use the Simple Cutz products to finish off a great cut. I know the customer will be able to use these products to style their hair at home and have similar results as the ones they got when they walked out of the shop."

To stay on top of recent trends, Revel and his staff often participate in training to help them stay at the top of their game. For instance, Revel recently took part in a six-hour training to learn how to apply male hair weaves. After the training, Revel can apply the weave to match the client's natural hair color and texture. Besides the typical client you might expect to be looking for a hair weave, the service is particularly popular with professional athletes and actors preparing for a specific role.

When asked his secret to maintaining a small business in Fairmont for almost ten years, he replied:

"I support the community, and the community supports me."

COVID-19 has taken a hit on Simple Cutz to combat scheduling problems and assure their clients have a COVID-19 safe visit, and Simple Cutz has developed an online app to allow clients to schedule their appointments online.

Regardless of how you book your appointment, one thing is for sure. With continued support of the community, the laid-back atmosphere, and the quality services and products provided by Simple Cutz, this modern barbershop will remain active in one of Fairmont's historic buildings for years to come.

Visit Simple Cutz at:

126 Adams St, Fairmont, WV 26554


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