Virtual Feast Vendors

We're bringing back the Virtual Feast in 2021 as a COVID safe alternative to attending the festivities in person.


How Does It Work?

  • Main Street Fairmont will establish an online store to sell approved products from November 1 through November 31, 2021

  • On or about December 1, Main Street Fairmont will supply you with a list of items ordered and your portion of the sales price

  • Next, approved Cottage Industry vendors will create and wrap products for delivery to our sorting station on December 9 (items may be individually wrapped, or wrapped in the quantities listed on the website, for instance, if you sell cookies by multiples of 6, each package received should contain 6 cookies.

  • The vendors supply the wrapped products on December 9, Main street volunteers will sort the products and fill individual orders

  • On December 10, we will establish a drive-thru feast where volunteers will load the product into the customer's vehicle

  • No upfront cost to you

  • Main Street Fairmont will deduct 15% from your total sales to cover our costs

What Does It Cost to Participate?

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