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Business Bonus - Announcing Artists Sundays

Artists Sunday is a nationwide alliance of professional artists, non-profit agencies, community organizations, and sponsors encouraging consumers to shop with artists and craftsmen. This artist-focused day takes place the Sunday after Thanksgiving – the busiest shopping weekend of the year. Shoppers support local professional artists, find unique, personal gifts for their loved ones, and invest in art that has a lasting legacy. Free Participation

Participants receive a comprehensive marketing toolkit to generate buzz and awareness as the holiday season approaches. A national public relations campaign will focus consumer attention on the effort with the goal of expanding beyond traditional art buyers and bringing new customers to artists and craftsmen.  For the Artists on Main Street. Artists representing a wide variety of mediums are also welcome to join for free. All participating artists are included in the Artists Sunday Directory, a resource allowing consumers to search for artists by name, type of work and city, state and country. If an artist has a Facebook, Instagram or Twitter account, those icons will appear with their listing. Sign up as an artist here.

A primary promotional component of the Artists Sunday program is the Artists Sunday Toolkit. Toolkits are issued to all Artists and Partner members in late September. The toolkit is a digital packet that includes marketing copy, graphics, logos, sales best practices and more.

Artist Sunday Partners Toolkit includes:

  • Marketing Strategy Playbook. The playbook for maintaining the integrity of Artists Sunday.

  • Press Release Template. Everything you need to announce your plans to media outlets.

  • Email Templates. Templates to fill your audience in on how to support you this Artists Sunday.

  • Social Media Templates. Take full advantage of social media to engage with your community.

  • E-Commerce Holiday Best Practices Checklist. Learn how to make more sales online.

  • And more!

To learn more about Artists Sunday artists, partners, sponsors, or get involved visit

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