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Façade Grants

Program Overview

The Facade Program is offered and administered by Main Street Fairmont, with cooperation and support from the City of Fairmont, the Marion County Commission, West Virginia Main Street, and the Fairmont Historic Preservation Review Commission.


The grant functions as a 50/50 grant program and will cover one-half of the project costs between $500 and $5,000.


For example, if an applicant is approved for the program and undertakes $5,000 of improvements, the amount of assistance made available would be $2,500. To receive the maximum contribution of $5,000, the building owner would need to invest $10,000 in improvements..

The first round of grant applications opens July 5, with awardees notified no later than September 28.

Qualifications and Guidelines

What Happens After I submit an Application?


An applicant is any property/building owner or business owner/tenant with written authorization from the property owner. Tenants must have a minimum of two (2) years remaining on their lease or have an option to renew.



All properties must reside in the Main Street Fairmont district. Click Here to view a map outlining the MSF footprint.


Program Approved Project

Improvements must be on the façade of the building facing the primary street orientation, or if on a corner lot, the façade facing the two (2) streets of direct exposure. Examples of eligible improvements include, but are not limited to:


  • Replacement or repairing of brickwork, plaster, or wood siding, including painting, cleaning, and repainting

  • Replacing, repairing, or relocating storefronts, doors, windows, parapets, or cornices, including the removal of extraneous elements or inappropriate or incompatible exterior finishes or materials

  • Change of exterior lighting or additional lighting

  • Repairs, addition, or installation of awnings

  • Installation or improvements of permanently installed signage as part of renovation activity; In other words, a permanently installed feature of the façade which is not portable or removable.

  • Projects must be historically consistent and approved by the City Planner and the Historic Review Commission, as appropriate.


Project Amount

The project cost must be a minimum of $1,000.  Maximum matching funds available $5,000 per award.


The project must be completed, with invoices signed, dated, and paid along with proof of payment within 1 year of the date of grant approval.


Project Review - Prior to submitting Application

Historic Consistency

The project design must complement and remain consistent with the surrounding area; Main Street Fairmont can facilitate professional design consulting if needed – free of charge.

City of Fairmont Design Guidelines and Building Code Ordinance

All projects must be properly permitted and go through the City of Fairmont's planning process.

Application Process

Ready to partner together and improve our downtown destination through façade updates? If you have met all the qualifications, CLICK HERE to download the Application.

Reimbursement/Receipt of Grant Funds


The project must be completed, with invoices signed, dated, and paid along with proof of payment (paid receipts, photocopies of checks) submitted to Main Street Fairmont within 1 year of the date of grant approval.


No grant funds will be released without the above-mentioned documentation.

Initial Application Period

Completed applications will be accepted beginning July 5, through September 15.  Awards will be announced on September 27 at the Main Street Fairmont Annual Meeting.  After the award, the grantee will have one year to complete the improvements.

Subsequent Funding Rounds

Main Street Fairmont has allocated $5,000 in matching funds for the first round of funding.  If all funds are not allocated in the initial grant period, Main Street Fairmont may reopen the application period until the allocated funds are awarded.

Questions All questions must be submitted via email to  All questions and responses will be shared with all grant applicants.

Download Grant Application

Click here to download

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