Main Street Fairmont Flower Baskets

Flower Baskets

Main Street Fairmont asked for the community's help in brightening up our downtown with beautiful flower baskets in our Business District during the spring and summer months.

​We received an enormous amount of support from the community, both monetarily and otherwise, and we couldn't be more thankful or more thrilled with the results.

We want to especially thank each of our flower basket sponsors below. Thanks so much for helping us to beautify Main Street!


  • 1957


  • American Fence Company

  • Andrea Shelosky

  • Bill McLaughlin

  • Bob and Bonita Hadox

  • Bob and Kathy Opferman

  • Brad and Donna Merrifield

  • Brett White

  • Carpenter & Ford Funeral Home

  • Celi Oliveto and Dan Wagner

  • Chris and Brenda Giannis

  • Circulation Staff @ Library

  • City Church

  • Dan Swiger

  • Debbie Boblett and Cindy Staud

  • Deloris and Donald Jackson

  • Don and Roxanne Loughery

  • Donna Blood

  • Eddie and Kathy Snider

  • Friend of Main Street Fairmont


  • Harry Otto Offutt, Happy Birthday! (May 14)

  • In Honor of John & Teresa Minico

  • In memory of Leora E. Lacy

  • In memory of Virginia D. Herron

  • In Memory Of: Julie E. Bodkin, Mary Jane Estultante, Edna Furbee, Jean Louise Linn

  • In Memory Of: Robert Loftus and Gene Weaver

  • Isaac and Sofia Merriman

  • Jane Oreskovich

  • Janet and Karl Wean

  • Jeff and Melissa Maxwell

  • Jim and Pam Nolan

  • Joan Krause-Smith

  • John and Teresa Minico

  • John Provins

  • Judd and Bobbie Doerfler

  • Judd's Mini Storage

  • Linda Longstreth

  • Lindsay & Amy

  • Lynn and Rick Conrad

  • Mark and Lisa Estel

  • Mary Jo Thomas

  • Mason Family Chiropractic - Office of Dr. Marie S. Mason

  • Middletown Homes - Charlotte McNamara

  • Mike and Kim Ragen

  • Pam and Dave Wean

  • Pam Nusser and Glen Ward

  • Patricia Snider

  • Phil Mason - Investment Advisor

  • Pixie Vacations

  • Rick and Donna Garcia

  • Sandy Layman

  • Shelley and Jill

  • SocialBee Media

  • Susan Dempsey

  • The Patneskys

  • Tim, Hannah and Amelia Liebrecht

  • Toby Heaney

  • Tony Slate

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